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Juli 5, 2014

In-App-Käufe können ganz schön nerven. Extra Credits zeigt in diesem gut gemachten Video am Beispiel Free to Play (F2P) Games wie mans richtig machen kann.


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Juni 25, 2014


RIP Shogo Kubo June 24, 2014

Juni 23, 2014
“Consumer behavior is so erratic that even in a giant, careful trial, it’s devilishly difficult to arrive at a useful conclusion about whether advertisements work.”
Juni 22, 2014
“If in fact the taxis were doing what they were required to do with providing universal service, why would Uber, Lyft and Sidecar exist?” says David Estrada, Lyft’s vice president of government relations. “The only reason we exist is because current regulations and the current system is not serving people.”